Grand Power Buyers Guide

  1. Are these Grand Power imported by Century International Arms?
    No, Century International Arms only imported the Mk7 model. 
  2. Is the rotating barrel like the Beretta PX4?
    Beretta follows the same pattern of many other manufacturers trying to do a rotary locking system, using a machined lug on the barrel to ride in a milled slot in the frame. It needs generous...
  3. What kind of finish does Grand Power have?
    It's a Tenifer type of nitriding.
  4. What's the difference between the Grand Power MK 12 and MK 7?
    Redesigned frame and grips to be more durable and ergonomic Better take down method for removing the slide Improved trigger system More durable hammer and sear New improved finish on the...
  5. Do any Grand Power pistols have ambidextrous controls?
    Yes, all grand power pistols have an ambidextrous slide catch, magazine catch, and thumb safety.
  6. What Grand Power pistols have a rotating barrel?
    The following Grand Power Models have a rotating barrel: K100 / K100 X-Trim P1 / P1 Ultra P11 Q100 / Q1S P40 / P40 10mm / P40L 10mm P45 X-Calibur
  7. What is the benefit of the rotating barrel design?
    The unique rotating barrel design provides excellent recoil management. The barrel rotates back instead of dropping down, this reduces perceived recoil, and keeps...
  8. How do I know if a Grand Power will fit comfortably in my hand?
    Most Grand Power pistols come with 4 interchangeable back straps guaranteeing a comfortable grip in nearly any hand.  Grand Power pistols that include back straps: - K100 - K100 X-Trim -...
  9. What kind of warranty do Grand Power pistols have?
    All Grand Power pistols distributed by Eagle Imports Inc. have a lifetime service contract for the original owner.